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Frontline Spray 250ml (requires prescription)

Frontline Spray 250ml (requires prescription)

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For the active immunisation of susceptible female breeding sheep to reduce abortion caused by Chlamydophila abortus infection. Challenge studies have demonstrated that protection against Enzootic abortion and excretion of Chlamydophila abortus post-challenge is undiminished for at least three years post vaccination with Enzovax.

Field studies in endemically infected flocks maintaining a policy of vaccinating incoming ewes with Enzovax indicate that enzootic abortion levels remain very low in ewes vaccinated 4 years previously. Please only use this shampoo after veterinary recommendation this is NOT a shampoo to "try out". A medicated shampoo containing an original combination of ingredients including tea tree oil. For dogs and cats with severe scaly and greasy skin conditions. Sebolytic's other ingredients also play an important role by removing excess scales, regulating the keratinisation process, regulating sebum production and re-establishing the natural skin microbial balance.
(Contact your surgery for prescription)


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