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Flukiver 2.5Ltr (requires prescription)

Flukiver 2.5Ltr (requires prescription)

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Liver fluke is a serious parasitic disease affecting the UK sheep industry. The disease pattern and incidence is changing. There are relatively few products available to treat the disease. The issue of resistance is real, rotation between different product groups could reduce the incidence of resistance.

Flukiver contains the active flukicide closantel, which kills adult and immature fluke. Closantel will stunt early immature fluke. There is no known resistance to closantel in the UK and Ireland, it does not need to be metabolised by the liver to work (important when the liver is already damaged due to fluke), it delays fluke egg production for up to 13 weeks after treatment, reducing pasture contamination and subsequent challenge. Closantel will treat triclabendazole resistant fluke.

Flukiver should be used as part of a planned strategic rotation programme to reduce the level of fluke challenge and to minimize the development of flukicide resistance. It kills benzimidazole resistant Haemonchuscontortus (barber pole worm) and nasal bot larvae
(Contact your surgery for prescription)


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