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Foston 20% w/v Injection - 50ml (requires prescription)

Foston 20% w/v Injection - 50ml (requires prescription)

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Foston 20% w/v Injection - 50ml
An organically combined phosphorus preparation for the support of metabolic activity in cattle and dogs.

Indications include:
Skeletal defects � rickets and osteomalacia or promotion of rapid union in fractures, particularly when associated with Vitamin D therapy.
Tetany and paresis � caused by disorders of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus metabolism (post-parturient paresis, lactation tetany, grass tetany, etc.).
In these cases, Foston has a synergistic effect when given in conjunction with specific magnesium or calcium therapy.
General metabolic disorders � Foston is a useful form of therapy in the treatment of debility, whether during convalescence or the result of nutritional disorders.
It may be useful after difficult parturition, in debility of the newborn and in deficiency syndromes in cattle and dogs of all ages.

(Contact your surgery for prescription)


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