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Receptal Injection - 10ml (requires prescription)

Receptal Injection - 10ml (requires prescription)

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Receptal Injection - 10ml.

For the treatment of infertility of ovarian origin and improvement of pregnancy rate in cows.

For the synchronisation of oestrus in dairy cows and for reducing the calving to conception interval in these cows when used in conjunction with a PGF 2α analogue with luteolytic activity as part of a 10 day fixed time insemination regime.

To induce ovulation of a mature follicle and thereby to synchronise ovulation more closely with mating in mares.

To induce ovulation in pigs (gilts) after oestrus synchronisation in order to facilitate a single fixed time artificial insemination program.

For the improvement of conception rate and induction of ovulation in rabbits.
To facilitate stripping and reduce mortality due to egg binding in rainbow trout.
(Contact your surgery for prescription)


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