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Reprocine 0.07mg/ml Injection - 50ml (requires prescription)

Reprocine 0.07mg/ml Injection - 50ml (requires prescription)

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Reprocine 0.07mg/ml Injection - 50ml.

Solution for injection for cattle and pigs.

Uterine atony during the puerperal period.
Placental retention as a consequence of uterine atony.
Initiation of milk ejection in stress-induced agalactia or in conditions requiring udder emptying.

Uterine atony during the puerperal period.
Supportive therapy of mastitis-metritis-agalactia (MMA-) syndrome.
Initiation of milk ejection.
Shortening of total parturition duration in sows: either after delivery of the first piglet or as a component of synchronisation of parturition in sows which have not farrowed 24 hours after administration of an appropriate PGF 2α (e.g. cloprostenol) not before day 113 of pregnancy.
(Contact your surgery for prescription)


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