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Arkvits 50g

Arkvits 50g

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Vetark Ark Vits 50g Vitamin Supplements are a mixture of vitamins and minerals with an extra content of Vitamins A, C and E which can be added to your reptile or amphibians diet to help keep him healthy and happy.

�Vitamin A - Helps resist infection, swollen eyes (turtles), pneumonia and related problems. It is essential for healthy mucus membranes in areas such as the mouth, lungs and gut.
�Vitamin C - General health and welfare, used up during stress and should be replaced
�Vitamin E - Immune System Booster
The combination of vitamins A, C and E will give your reptile or amphibians health a boost when he not 100% well or is under stressful circumstances such as following veterinary treatment, house moves, breeding etc.

Ark Vitamin is a combination of Nutrobal; a high calcium supplement for growing reptiles, and ACE high; a high vitamin A, C and E supplement for unwell animals. The combination makes it perfect for keeping your adult reptile healthy. It has a calcium : phosphorous ratio of 30:1 and is highly concentrated, meaning less is required per feed and is easier to disguise on food.


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