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Royal Canin Senior Consult Mature Small Dog 3.5kg

Royal Canin   Senior Consult  Mature Small Dog  3.5kg

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For mature small breed dogs (over 8 years old and up to 10kg bodyweight), ideally after a senior health check.

Formulation aimed at improving key functions in ageing dogs: helps combat cell damage by free radicals (with a patented synergistic antioxidant cocktail); assisted preservation of kidney function (reduced phosphorus); brain health enhancement (with phosphatidylserine and L-tryptophan).

The frictional forces exerted on the surface of the tooth while chewing are coupled with a sodium tripolyphosphate active ingredient. This calcium binder limits the availability of salivary calcium, reducing the mineralisation of plaque to form more permanent tartar..


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Royal Canin

Royal Canin

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