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James Wellbeloved Fish and Vegetable Kibble Adult Dog 10kg

James Wellbeloved Fish and Vegetable Kibble Adult Dog 10kg

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Wholesome, natural hypo-allergenic dog food. Helps loose bowels and calms itchy, irritated skin and coat.

The benefits for your dog
Ocean White Fish & Vegetable Kibble is a cereal free complete and balanced food for dogs with extra sensitivities. Made from low histamine white fish with the finest highly digestible vegetables - peas, carrots, potato and tomato all gently cooked and then basted in delicious gravy and olive oil. Our recipe also includes linseed and fish oil for a healthy glossy coat, plus seaweed and alfalfa for vitamins and minerals. Chicory and sugar beet pulp improve digestion and encourage beneficial intestinal bacteria, all to help your dog absorb maximum nourishment from the food.


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James Wellbeloved

James Wellbeloved

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