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Smart Cat Litter Wood 30L

 Smart Cat Litter Wood 30L

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Smart Cat litter is unique, being the only litter made using wood flour. As the name implies, wood flour is a fine powder, much like the flour used for baking. Wood flour is made by taking dry sawdust from sawmills and grinding and sifting it into varying degrees of fine particles.

The wood flour is then compressed using just pressure and a little heat, which binds the lignin and oil that is naturally present in the wood into the Smart Cat pellets. The heat used in the manufacturing process, coupled with the low moisture content of the sawdust we use, means that Smart Cat pellets are very dry.

The use of wood flour in Smart Cat gives a greater surface to volume ratio, which in combination with the low moisture level, leads to outstanding absorption properties. From this, excellent odour protection is achieved.


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Smart Cat

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