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Purina Pro Plan Small/Mini Dog 3kg

Purina Pro Plan Small/Mini Dog 3kg

Price: £13.70

Pro Plan nutrition comes from a combination of HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS. We begin with REAL CHICKEN AS THE 1 INGREDIENT. Real chicken provides high-quality protein, which helps support muscle mass for strength and provides energy. WHOLESOME GRAINS, including rice, are highly digestible sources of carbohydrates for energy and quality fiber sources to promote easy cleanup. We carefully select each and every ingredient for its nutritional value and to ensure it meets our STRICT QUALITY STANDARDS. That's why you can be sure that your dog receives exceptional nutrition and flavor in every bowl. GUARANTEED.

There are THREE SYSTEMS in the body that play a fundamental role in protecting your dog's overall health � The IMMUNE SYSTEM, The DIGESTIVE SYSTEM, and SKIN AND COAT. Pro Plan uses a combination of quality ingredients providing essential nutrients, high levels of protein, key vitamins and minerals, plus vital antioxidants to HELP NOURISH YOUR dog�S PROTECTIVE SYSTEMS.


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